Veterinary Medicine: Small animals

Our program covers all sections of small animal endoscopy including birds and exotic animals. Many veterinary surgeons are using our so called set for rhinoscopy and otoscopy or our set for supra pubic cystoscopy. We supply also fiber gastroscopes and bronchoscopes as well as video gastroscopes. For reasearch programs we manufacture special endoscopes and instruments with different diameters and lengths.

Set for Canine and Feline Rhinoscopy and Otoscopy

Drawing of a rhinoscopy on the dog
  • Rigid telescopes: 0°, OD:2,7mm, WL:14/19cm
  • Compatible examination sheath with instrument channel
  • Biopsy or grasping forceps
  • Halogen cold light source (also to use for gastro fiberscopes and bronchoscopes)

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Video-Otoscopy/in presence of the owner

Drawing of a video otoscopy on the dog

Video Compact System, the universal endoscopic video equipment for every small animal practice

  • easy to use and uncomplicated handling
  • single cable technology (cold light and video cable), TWIN Lock connection - quick release system
  • use of biopsy and grasping forceps under visual video control
  • compatible to standard telescopes and fiberscopes

Video Compact System II

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Gastro-fiberscopes and bronchoscopes

Drawing of a gastroscopy on the dog
  • Video gastroscope: OD: 8 mm, WL 100 cm
  • Video gastroscope: OD: 9.8 mm, WL 130 cm
  • Video gastroscope: OD: 10.8 mm, WL: 150 cm

video: Digital LED-Video-Gastroscope

video: foreign body catcher

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Gynaecology - Vaginoscopy and Urology

Drawing of a gynaecological examining

With the newly developed working sheath artificial insemination in dogs under visual control is no longer a problem. The scopes and sheaths are also useful for cystoscopy and other endoscopic procedures.

  • Newly developed set for vaginoscopy and urology including both examination and working sheaths.
  • Telescopes are available as conventional DIN ocular scopes or as Twin connector scopes with a bayonet lock fitting directly to our Video Compact System
  • Based on a 4 mm telescope system with an angle of vision of 30° compatible to standard endoscopic video cameras

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Set for Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy

Drawing of a small animal laparoscopy
  • Rigid laparoscopes 0°/30°, OD:5/10mm, WL:30cm
  • Reusable magnetic valve trocars with saftey device
  • Reusable minimally invasive instruments
  • Knot tier with cutting device
  • CO² inflation systems

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Half Pipe

Set for Canine Arthroscopy

Drawing of an arthroscopy
  • Rigid arthroscopes, 30°,OD:1,9/2,4mm, WL:11/14cm
  • High flow arthroscopic sheaths
  • Special hand instruments
  • Hand milling drill acc to Prof. Van Ryssen
  • Special cannula changing system acc to Prof. Van Bree
  • Rongeurs and grasping forceps
  • Fluid supply system with pressure infusion cuffs or automatic pressure infusor
  • Joint target device.

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