Veterinary Medicine: Horses


Drawing of an endoscopy at the horse

Endoscopy of mouth and throat in equine, bovine, camels and large animals

  • the set contains telescopes and instruments for examination of the oral cavity especially teeth and gutteral pouch in equine and large animals.
  • portable for field practice

horse dental, cordless

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Drawing of a bronchoskopie at the horse

Flexible video gastroscopes for examination of the respiratory system and the GI tract

  • video gastroscopes, chip versions
  • video bronchoscopes
  • central video processing unit compatible for rigid and flexible video gastro/bronchoscope
  • digital image capture system
  • polypectomy snares, radio/HF-frequency accessories
  • biopsy and grasping forceps
  • Dynamic overground laryngoscopy

Overground Endoscopy

Cleaning and disinfection - Veterinary practice

Horsebronchoscope, cordless

Digital LED video bronchoscope for horses

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Drawing of a laparoscopy at the horse

Telescopes and instruments for minimal invasive laparoscopy

  • operations and special laparoscopes
  • magnetic valve and safety trocars
  • instruments for palpation, dissection and puncture
  • scissors, forceps and grasping forceps for minimally invasive surgery
  • special instruments, bipolar instruments
  • CO²-Inflator

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Drawing of an arthroscopy at the horse

Our basic set contains instruments and telescopes for diagnostic procedures and treatment. We can supply you with all the necessary equipment for arthroscopic procedures.

  • large image arthroscopes
  • high flow sheath
  • hand instruments
  • rongeurs and grasping forceps
  • CO2 infusor
  • halogen and xenon cold light sources
  • video cameras
  • digital capture systems

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