About us


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Dr. Fritz Endoscopes GmbH was founded in 1993 as an independent manufacturer of endoscopic equipment and is located in Tuttlingen/ Southern Germany close to the heart of the Black Forest..

The company`s aim is to develop and to distribute high quality instruments for minimal invasive surgery with the serious ambition to produce and manufacture high precision equipment offering both functionability and ergonomic qualities.

Surgeons and staff in practices and hospitals will benefit from instruments produced for the user which in turn will offer better patient care. We place great emphasis on continuing research and development offering new solutions under strict quality control.

Quality Control

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This combination of product development and quality control enables the company as an independent manufacturer to produce affordable state-of-the-art technology with quality assurance.

We supply a fast and reliable service and repair system for all of its products. The staff receive both in-house training as well as external education to continue providing quality-products applicable to the latest

Business partners

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Dr. Fritz Endoscopes GmbH has a well established network of business partners at it’s disposal covering a widespread range within the European Union and neighbouring countries as well as North- and Southamerica and the Far East.