Our program covers all sections of bovine endoscopy including the latest developments. Together with Dr. Medl we developed a set for teat endoscopy in dairy cattle. The new procedure for repositioning and fixation of abomasal displacement was developed by Dr. Janowitz. For research programs we manufacture special endoscopes and instruments with different diameters and lengths like the set for transvaginal follicular puncture in cattle. Our new KERATELIN teat insert is revolutionizing the health care of teat injuries. Don´t hesitate to ask for more information.

highly recommended: Our highly recommended sets for large animal clinics and practices are: Set for bovine laparoscopy including the equipment for laparoscopic repositioning and fixation of abomasal displacement acc. to Dr. Janowitz. And Set for teat endoscopy, field practice acc. to Dr. Medl.

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