Human medicine: MIS

Starts.MIC.Instr The system

The modular construction makes it possible to assemble an optimal instrument for surgery, giving a choice of different jaw inserts, tubular sheaths and handles.

Thanks to the accurately manufactured bayonet lock between the jaw insert and the sheath, as well as "twist connections" between the sheath and the various handles, the instruments can be dismantled quickly.

This makes it possible to clean parts of the equipment that would otherwise be difficult to access, and also makes procurement of individual modules cost-effective.

Sheaths and jaw inserts of the instruments can be rotated through 360°.

The uncomplicated construction and the use of state of the art materials guarantee a long service life of the instruments


5mm und 10mm Instrumente
  • axial or standard handles, plastic
  • without, with external or with
  • internal ratchet
  • with HF-connector
  • colour coding for scissors

Tubular sheaths

  • 5 mm und 10 mm diameter
  • working lengths of 23 cm, 31 cm and 43 cm
  • rotateable through 360°, or fixed
  • insulated or available in stainless steel

Jaw inserts

  • 5 and 10 mm diameter
  • working lengths of 23 cm, 31 cm and 43 cm